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About Goldwater Bank

We believe in doing the right thing and being an exemplary modern business. 

To achieve our goals, we believe we must have clear objectives and consistently strive to meet our own expectations. After all, we're consumers of the types of products and services we offer to our customers; so we know how we would expect to be treated and what motivates us to choose one bank over another, or one employer over another. In today's financial services industry, striving to meet a standard of excellence is not optional, but defines the difference between ordinary and what we expect of ourselves.


Great mortgage rates and raving fan customer service!

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Cell/Text Cory: 469-363-3298

[email protected]

The NHL Mortgage Group has received production honors throughout their origination career. In addition to loan origination they have experience in processing, underwriting, closing, funding, production and branch management. This experience allows them to specialize in a wide variety of programs, such as new construction, government (VA/FHA/USDA), conventional and jumbo loans. Their business and accounting backgrounds are very helpful when it comes to complex income situations (such as those self employed, in the medical field, multi-property investors, or high wealth individuals).

The NHL Mortgage Group has put thousands of families into the homes of their dreams and would love to help make your dream a reality. Their goal is to give their clients the best possible mortgage experience, all while exceeding their expectations. Together they focus on educating borrowers so that they can determine the mortgage financing that best meets their long-term financial plan and goals.